Matsart specializes in its personal relations with its clients. For over 30 years we have been aiding dealers and collectors worldwide to build and expand their collections. Although many of our top sales make headlines internationally, every potential buyer can find treasures to fit every budget. A step by step guide to buying via Matsart is listed below. Please feel free at any stage to contact us with any questions you may have and, particularly, please ask for our professional guidance.

Decide on what to bid

* Visit our Upcoming Auction catalogues to browse or search for the items you might like. The catalogues appear in several formats for your convenience.

* Contact us to purchase a catalogue prior to the sale and request to be added to our mailing lists.

* Attend an auction preview at one of our two locations

Receive condition report

We strongly recommend that you either view the piece in person or contact one of our experts who will appropriately advise you. Please request a condition report of the lots that interest you.

Review conditions of purchase

Register to bid

Prior to bidding at auction, you must register in order that we may correctly identify you as the buyer of your lot. Many options are available.

* On-line. Please register on line to either send an absentee bid or bid live during the auction.
* Absentee bidding. Please fax or email the absentee bid sheet to the bid department
* Pre-register by fax, phone, email, or at auction preview
* Register in the auction room


We offer the maximum options to enhance your buying experience

* On-line bidding is available live during our auctions. Please note that there may be an additional surcharge for this service.
* Proxy bidding is available for busy people who prefer to offer their maximum bid and wait for the results. The auctioneer would bid on your behalf against the room, yet not exceeding your maximum bid. It is possible (and often occurs) that your winning bid would be less than your maximum bid. There is not surcharge for this service. Please forward to the Matsart Bid Department your absentee bid sheet
* Telephone bidding is available for people who wish to bid live while talking on the phone with a Matsart representative. We would call you during the auction, a few minutes prior to the opening of the lot on which you wish to bid. There is not surcharge for this service. Please forward to the Matsart Bid Department your telephone bid sheet
* Bid in the room and enjoy the excitement.

Arrange Payment

If your bid is successful, you will receive an invoice shortly after the sale by email or fax as you prefer. We accept wire transfers, cash, credit card, and personal checks.


Matsart's professional Art Logistics Department will be pleased to arrange all the details to insure the smooth transit of your purchase. Please contact Reizy for further details.